Adoptee and journalist Trace Hentz is the author of “ONE SMALL SACRIFICE: A Memoir,” with the history of the Indian Adoption Project and Indian Child Welfare Act; this includes her long journey to find her natural father in Illinois and tribal relatives. Trace, who created the American Indian Adoptees website in 2009, has announced a new project, “THE COUNT 2024.”  It coincides with the release of a new history book, “Almost Dead Indians,” Book 5 in the Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects series. The American Indian Adoptees website is in the top 50 adoption websites with over 2.5 million views: The book series was written for adoptees to know their own history. Trace Hentz (formerly DeMeyer) has received many awards from the Indigenous Journalists Association, formerly the Native American Journalists Association.  Her ancestry is a mix of Shawnee and Anishinaabe. More about Trace can be found on her website:

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