Ending the year… a selection of songs from our 2023 shows. All are Host Tiokasin Ghosthorse and listener favorites!

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Music selection

1. Song Title: Tahi Roots Mix (First Voices Radio Theme Song)

Artist: Moana and the Moa Hunters

Album: Tahi (1993)

Label: Southside Records (Australia and New Zealand)



2. Song Title: Intro (The Sacred Pipe) from Killers of the Flower Moon Soundtrack -

Artist: Robbie Robertson


3. Song Title: Vuoi Vuoi Me

Artist: Mari Boine


4. Song Title: Imba

Artist: Otyken


5. Song Title: Ball and Chain - J-MILLA and Xavier Rudd

Artist: J-MILLA and Xavier Rudd


6. Song Title: Mother Earth

Artist: SOJA


7. Song Title: Ablaze (feat. Jennifer Kreisberg)

Artist: Tartie


8. Song Title: 1492

Artist: Dakota Yazzie


9. Song Title: Brother Warrior

Artist: Sharon Burch


10. Artist: Iron Sky

Artist: Paolo Nutini


11. Song Title: Your Freedom is the End of Me

Artist: Melanie De Biasio


12. Song Title: Mind Control

Artist: Stephen Marley


13, Song Title: Imiqtaq

Artist: Riit (Rita-Claire Mike-Murphy) & Andrew Morrison

14. Song Title: Time Drift

Artist: Smokey D. Palmtree