Tonight, Tiokasin welcomes back Stephany Seay for the full hour. Stephany has been working in service to the last wild buffalo for over 20 years. Born in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and raised in Virginia, Stephany learned about the continued war against wild buffalo in 1996 and has been advocating for them ever since. In response to their struggle, she moved to Montana on New Year’s Day 2004, where she became the media coordinator for Buffalo Field Campaign, with whom she parted ways after 18 years of service over philosophical differences. Stephany has nearly 20 years of experience standing with the buffalo, is an avid wildlife photographer, backcountry skier, and horsewoman. She is a member of Deep Green Resistance, and co-founder of Roam Free Nation. Stephany trusts that the buffalo have called us not just to help defend them, but to help us save us from ourselves from the unsustainable and selfish creation of industrial civilization. Find Roam Free Nation at

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Album: Tahi (1993)

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Album: Touch the Sweet Earth (1995)

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Album: Code Red (2021)

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Artist: Paolo Nutini

Album: Caustic Love (2014)

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