Guest Host Anne Keala Kelly (Kanaka Maoli) talks with Mikilani Young, Kanaka Maoli cultural practitioner and kahu. Their conversation begins with a prayer for one Hawaiian elder, and then goes onto the cultural and spiritual connections between Indigenous peoples, the protection of Mauna Kea, and Mikilani Young’s own prayerful path, living here on Turtle Island, thousands of miles away from the Hawaiian Nation. Mikilani’s courageous approach to the practice and teaching of Indigenous Hawaiian ways is both suited to, and challenged by, the times we live in — sharing, but not selling, giving, but being discerning so as not to exploit or diminish the mana of her own knowledge. Her path is a prayerful, thoughtful balance between human needs that adhere to the soulful premise of existence, while maintaining and honoring the Creator’s guidance. Mikilani’s journey has taken her to First Peoples Nations, including Tongva, Winnemem Wintu, San Carlos Apache, Kumeyaay and many others. She is at her most grateful and skilled when she can be a unifier of people across and beyond the land she lives on, and joyous because she lives with complete trust that her ancestors guide her path. Mikilani formed the non-profit United Pillars of Aloha as well as Kaiapuni Ho’ola Piha Sanctuary in service of Mother Earth and the unborn generations. More about Mikilani can be found at:

In the second half-hour, we will feature several selections from First Voices Radio’s “Top Listener Favorite Songs of 2022."

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