This Week's Program: Sunday, September 4, 2022


Debra Utacia Krol returns to “First Voices Radio” for the full hour. Debra is an award-winning Indigenous affairs reporter at The Arizona Republic in Phoenix. She is a citizen of the Xolon SalinanTribe. Debra’s current coverage area — supported by the Catena Foundation and the Water Funder Initiative — is the intersection of climate, culture, and commerce. Debra has more than two decades of expertise in reporting on Native issues for publications large and small, with an emphasis on environmental and science issues, and has been a contributor to two books on Native traditions. Debra has been doing excellent reporting on the issue of Indigenous peoples’ water rights in Arizona. In the show's first half, she and Tiokasin will discuss her recent investigative report in The Arizona Republic: “Arizona loses more of its Colorado River water allocation under new drought plan” (Aug. 16, updated Aug. 19, 2022). In the second half, they will discuss another of Debra’s recent investigative articles for The Arizona Republic: “Poachers cash in on the sage craze, imperiling the plant’s survival for Native cultural needs” (Aug. 28, updated Sept. 1, 2022). Read the articles here:;