This week, Host Tiokasin Ghosthorse talks with Dakota Yazzie of Earth Surface People, an Indigenous (Diné) led music collective whose work is based in decolonizing popular music through Indigenous storytelling and history. Earth Surface People was started in 2015 with multi-instrumentalist Dakota Yazzie and jazz saxophonist Jai Ram Rideout. The band’s music melds influences from Hip Hop, Neo Soul, Psychedelic, Art Rock and Americana. Earth Earth Surface People is: Cochise Yazzie - Synth, Ken Chavez - Bass, Vocals, Zach Dominguez – Keyboard, Drums , Dakota Lee Yazzie – Guitar, Vocals, Synth, and Jai Ram Rideout – Saxophone. Follow Earth Surface on Facebook at and Instagram @earthsurfacepeople. Earth Surface People’s “500 Years” EP is available on Bandcamp at

Matthew O’Neill also joins in the conversation. Matthew is a musical artist based in the Catskill Mountains. His music seeks to create connection and right relationship with all of our kin. Decolonizing music is a central commitment. Matthew is a lifelong advocate for Indigenous rights and justice for Mother Earth. In 2017 he created the Underwater Panther Coalition record label, with the intention of supporting Native artists and amplifying Indigenous musical ways. Look for Matthew at:;

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