JENNI MONET, an investigative journalist, media critic, and founder of the weekly newsletter, Indigenously: Decolonizing Your Newsfeed. Jenni’s been reporting from Indian Country for as long as she’s been a journalist, from the coups d' état on Jicarilla Apache lands in the late '90s to the dramatic demonstrations at Standing Rock a few years ago where she was arrested while on assignment and later acquitted. Jenni got her start as a broadcaster for CBS News affiliates then segue-wayed into public TV and radio including a stint at National Native News. Along the way, Jenni made a few indie docs, returned to school, and moved to the Middle East to cover global affairs for Al Jazeera where she also traveled throughout the Indigenous world. Jenni has been working independently since 2015, where her my award-winning reporting been published by such outlets as The Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, The Center for Investigative Reporting, and PBS NewsHour — to name a few. Her media criticism also appears frequently in the Columbia Journalism Review. At times, Jenni can also be seen and heard discussing Indigenous affairs for a variety of media outlets. Jenni has an MA in international politics from Columbia Journalism School with a concentration in Indigenous human rights policy. She’s a founding member of the Indigenous Media Caucus, and resides on her ancestral homelands in the American Southwest where she’s Kawaik'a, a tribal citizen of Laguna Pueblo, Big Turkey clan. Jenni and Tiokasin discuss her most recent newsletter story, “Gabby and Us” and all the issues it raises about missing and murdered Indigenous women. More information about Jenni can be found at Sign up to receive her weekly newsletter at

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