This Week's Program: Wednesday, September 15, 2021


dr. linda manyguns is a Blackfoot woman born on the tsutina nation, now registered at siksika. she is the grandmother to five children. linda grew up in europe as an airforce brat. in her early years she worked as a high steel construction worker, a red seal chef, and was a union leader for cupe (which is the canadian union of public employees). linda has 4 degrees: (b.a. in sociology; m.a. in sociology; llb, university of ottawa and a ph.d. in Indigenous philosophy from trent university. at law school, fellow students nominated linda for the karim green spon award for outstanding achievement. she worked at the Indian lands claims commission in Ottawa. linda was a professor for over ten years and she is now the associate vice president of Indigenization and decolonization at mount royal university in calgary, alberta. read the article from ctv here:

In the second segment, we hear “It’s Time to Get Ready” from Chief Oren Lyons, Faithkeeper of the Wolf Clan, Onondaga Nation. We will hear, “It’s Time to Get Ready,” about the “ignored warnings and how we are living in the time of a 200 year-old prophecy. It will get worse before it gets better.” Get ready. Link to YouTube video (06:15):