This Week's Program: Wednesday, May 26, 2021


George Nuku. George is an artist from Aotearoa. He is of Scottish, German and Maori descent and has been a full-time practitioner of arts for 35 years. George’s works range from delicate pearl shell, bone and jade amulets to life-size plexiglass sculptures and multi-story high polystyrene depictions of Polynesian demi-gods and Maori culture heroes. The last 20 years of art practice has been spent globally, ranging from the world's prestigious art institutions and treasure houses through to communities of all ethnicities and socio-economic status. George has created more than 100 projects to date, including: the British Museum, National Museum of Scotland, Museum of Geneva, Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver, British Columbia, Museum of Contemporary Art in Taiwan, United Nations Forum for Indigenous People, Tijibao Cultural Centre in Nouméa, New Caledonia and many more. George carries the thousands year old art traditions of his ancestors that promise to both expand life and enhance survival. His works are collected by both the rich and poor alike.