This Week's Program: Wednesday, May 19, 2021


Eda Zavala Lopez. Eda is a direct descendant of the Wari people of Peru. She inherited ancient traditions and profound knowledge related to plants, spirits and magical storytelling from her ancestors. Eda is dedicated to Amazonian Indigenous healing practices by leading ceremonies with medicinal plants, practicing ancient ways of healing knowledge and empowering her people in preserving their sacred territories. As a Curandera, Eda directly uses the power of medicinal plants to help heal people emotionally and spirituality, especially women. As a spiritual leader in her village, she is deeply committed to Indigenous Peruvian people in defending their sacred territories and protecting their lands. Find out about Eda at

Ed Kabotie. Ed is a multifaceted creative from the Tewa village of Khap'o Owinge and the Hopi village of Shungopavi. His creative expressions take the forms of paintings, drawings, silvercraft, and multi-lingual musical compositions. Kabotie considers himself an “Edu-tainer,” using the arts and music to educate people about social justice issues related to the Indigenous people and lands of the Colorado Plateau. His reggae rock band, Tha 'Yoties, are known for their catchy melodies, lively performances and conscious message. Tiokasin catches up with Ed about his recent activities and shares a few songs.