Join Host Tiokasin Ghosthorse for a special episode of “First Voices Radio,” drawn from our show’s immense 28-year-old archive. This show, from 2005, includes 50 minutes of a monologue from our Host sharing his thoughts and musing about the notion of “Peace with Earth” that he continues to talk about with us every week. There is a gap between the logic, philosophy, spirituality and the quantum physics thinking of Indigenous peoples and the thought processes of non-Natives and Tiokasin strives — as he has done during all of the years that he has been on the radio — to convey thoughts from the Lakota language into a very linear English version. On the East Coast, where this original broadcast took place, “Nature is taken for granted because of so-called civilization. Basically everyone thinks they have a right to the land — sucking off the land without ever thinking about giving back or taking care of what’s already here,” says Tiokasin. “All the people who have come to Turtle Island have come to find one thing and that is “Peace.” But it takes a lot of intelligence to live ‘with’ — not ‘on’ — Earth.”

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