This Week's Program: Sunday, August 12, 2018



In the first half of this edition of “First Voices Radio,” Host Tiokasin Ghosthorse talks with Crystal Echo Hawk (Pawnee). Crystal is Founder, President and CEO of Echo Hawk Consulting. The mission of Echo Hawk Consulting is to help to create new platforms, narratives, strategies and investment that can help to catalyze transformational change for and by Native Americans. It partners with Native American, philanthropic and diverse multi-sector partners to move hearts and minds, and drive institutional, policy and social change. Crystal and Echo Hawk Consulting were the original designers of the "Reclaiming Native Truth Project," and served as co-project leaders.  The two-year project – which was successfully completed in June 2018 – conducted unprecedented public opinion research, message testing and multi-sector organizing to inform the development of strategies to tackle misconceptions, stereotypes, and the invisibility of Native peoples within popular culture, media, institutions and society. The report includes groundbreaking research findings, message guides and narrative change strategies that have been met with overwhelming excitement and praise regarding the positive impact this body of work can have for Native peoples.  Crystal recently founded a new initiative, IllumiNative, in partnership with well-known and respected Native artists, activists, thought leaders and allies in pop culture and entertainment. IllumiNative’s mission is to create a narrative shift in pop culture about, by and for Native peoples. Crystal was recently recognized by the National Center for American Indian Economic Development as its 2018 “Native American Woman Business Owner of the Year.” In the second half of the show, Tiokasin will update listeners on his recent activities.​