LISA & JOHNNY BONTA , May 24th - A Pyramid Lake Paiute family was attacked by neo-Nazi skinheads at a Fernley, Nevada, convenience store, east of Reno. Family members were beaten with a crowbar and baseball bats, and stabbed. The neo nazis tried to cut off Bonta's braid. The victim, Bonta, was then arrested because of the white assailants connection with police. One of the attackers is the son of a retired Lyon County Sheriff officer. Bonta was denied medical treatment in jail. When the family called the jail, they were told that Bonta "would have to get his Indian doctor" if he wanted to be treated. The convenience store clerk said there is a video showing the attackers jumping out of the vehicle with baseball bats. Now the question remains if the US Justice Department will investigate the case, which includes police imprisoning the victim of a hate crime. CONTACT: ALYSSANBONTA@gmail.com

JAMES CRAVEN Washington D.C. – Strong opposition by thousands of Individual Indian Monies account/land holders to the $3.4 Billion “Cobell” settlement approved by Congress Nov. 2010 & signed by Pres. Obama in Dec. 2010, of only 19 will be heard on June 22, 2011. The case raises interesting questions of statutory interpretation, the constitutional limits of aggregate litigation and class certification, whether material terms can be omitted from class notice, at what point class representative incentive payments create an impermissible conflict of interest, and whether class compensation allocation has to be rationally related to the alleged damages. The government also claims that Congress "can change the statutory rights of litigants, even where this change may retroactively eliminate an initially meritorious claim" against the government; we argue that that proposition has limits. CONTACT: JCRAVEN@clark.edu

ROSS HAMILTON Cincinnati, Ohio – Author of The Mystery of the Serpent Mound holds a conversation and challenges the mythos and fairie tales in cultures and lore across the planet. He talks of the differences in how we view history, especially in North America and how the “new comers” treat the history of Native peoples as dismissed in conjectural terminology. CONTACT: D.ROSS.HAMILTON@gmail.com

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