SEVERN SUZUKI In 1992 the UN Earth Summit was held in Rio - its findings contributed to the much-discussed Kyoto Protocol designed to combat climate change. Yet the enduring memory of that summit was a dramatic speech given by a 12 year-old girl from Canada.

Q'ORIANKA KILCHER has made a commitment to human rights and environmental activism. She speaks on behalf of various causes to achieve what she regards as environmental justice and basic Human Rights. Traveling frequently to speak at youth events, colleges and universities, Kilcher has been a featured keynote speaker for organizations such as Amnesty International, the IFG international Forum on Globalization,[9] Amazon Watch IFIP[10] and The United Nations panel discussions entitled "Indigenous Peoples: Human Rights, Dignity and Development with Identity", in collaboration with the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Kilcher recently launched her own youth-driven human rights and environmental organization "On-Q Initiative",[14] to connect young Hollywood with youth activist leaders and projects from around the world, in support of environmental sustainability, corporate accountability, and basic human rights. Through her production company, IQ-Films, Kilcher is also producing several cause-driven documentaries and youth-programming projects. In addition to public activism, Kilcher is a silent advocate for the environment, driving a Honda FCX Clarity, a hydrogen fuel cell zero-emissions vehicle. Kilcher is the first teenager to make her first car a hydrogen fuel cell. She has never pumped a single gallon of gasoline.

HOPI PROPHECY of the times foretold by the ancient peoples of North America and what will happen regarding the "purification" and the choices humankind must take to survive the changes wrought upon themselves.

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