Bridget Brehan & Victoria Cumes Jochola and www.nisgua.org Marlin Mine in Guatemala's Western highlands. Owned by Goldcorp, Inc., the second-largest gold mining company in the world, Marlin is an open-pit and underground mine and Goldcorp's lowest-cost mine. The mine began operations in 2005 and is licensed to continue until 2015. Local communities worry about the damaging environmental and health effects of the mine, insist that their rights as indigenous peoples have been violated, and have become targets of threats and increasing criminalization because of their opposition to the mine. ********** The Film and Video Center of the National Museum of the American Indian announces the 15th Native American Film + Video Festival, with works from the four directions. Organized by the Museum’s Film and Video Center (FVC) the Festival is conveniently located in New York’s historic George Gustav Heye Center in Lower Manhattan (Subway Access on the 1 at South Ferry, the 4 & 5 Bowling Green and R & W at Whitehall.)

Features award-winning films on Native perspectives about the fate of the earth and its rivers throughout the hemisphere. www.nativenetworks.si.edu CARLOS GOMEZ & GEODIEL CINDICUEThe Work Goes On
- In a region of Colombia plagued by drug traffickers and paramilitary squads, indigenous communities heroically resist. In this video, produced in the aftermath of the murder of Nasa leader Robert de Jesús Guachetá, relatives and colleagues affirm their determination to carry on.

LEON WIJNGAARDE www.eclecticreel.com Indigenous Suriname In Arawak, Sranan Tongo, and Dutch with English subtitles - Development and industrial projects threatening to devastate the indigenous peoples of Suriname have attracted little international attention. In this video, leaders from different tribal communities describe their struggles to protect their lands and waters and to secure basic human rights.

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