Image removed.Pine Ridge Billboard Project AARON HUEY (Pine Ridge Billboard Project) and - a Contributing Editor/photographer for Harper's magazine. Huey's Pine Ridge Lakota Reservation work recently rose to prominence after he was invited to give a lecture on the subject at a TED conference. Launched a campaign of awareness to the public eye regarding condtions on Native American reservations in the U.S. and the broken treaties legacy consequently forcing poverty and loss of culture.

MAURA HARRINGTON In a remote part of West Ireland clash of cultures in modern Ireland, the rights of Indigenous farmers and of fishermen has come in direct conflict with one of the worlds most powerful oil companies - Shell. When the citizens look to their state to protect their rights, they find that the state has put Shell’s right to lay a pipeline over their own right to live. In the last of week of 2010, the people of County Mayo awaited a decision about the multinational Shell continuing with the Corrib Gas Project. The Indigenous Irish people of County Mayo focused their actions against the project. But after the remains of the Irish government gave in late January for the shell high-pressure gas pipeline and refinery in county mayo, activists have been staging blockades, actions and protests against shell in solidarity with the residents and activists of Rossport in Northeastern Ireland.

PHIL LANE of the Dakota/Chickasaw Nations FOUR WORLDS INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE In Feb. Chief Phil Jr. gathered an audience from across the nation for a radio talking circle on the Gulf Plague that is spreading across the Gulf of Mexico

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