ROBERTO RODRIQUEZ Tucson, Arizona the national narrative has been crafted as a story about heroism and healing. And it is a true and uplifting story. Yet, Arizona’s actual hate has generally been off the radar. And again, this hate isn’t necessarily about right-left, Republican vs. Democrats, conservatives (Tea Partiers) vs. Liberals. Instead, most of the hate – as manifested in the state legislature and in the public discourse – is about Mexicans/migrants and the border. Since 2000, thousands of migrants have died along the border. And since 2,000, the anti-Mexican legislation has steamrolled through the state legislature. Most of the world knows about the 2010 racial profiling SB 1070. Less known is the 2010 anti-Ethnic Studies HB 2281 – an attempt to impose upon Arizona schools – a Eurocentric Master Narrative of History. On Jan. 3, Mexican American Studies-TUSD was declared illegal by the outgoing state schools superintendent. The only remedy is it elimination. This year, at least two more outrageous measures are being added to this list; one would nullify the 14th Amendment and the other will require children to turn in their parents [immigration status] to school authorities. Arizona’s state legislature wasted no time or did not let the tragedy get in their way of addressing Arizona’s actual hate… in their own peculiar way. Just a mere 4 days after the Jan. 8 massacre – and on the same day that the president was attempting to heal the nation – a 2012 proposal (SCR 1010) to exempt Arizona from International Law was introduced.

DOUGIE MACLEAN is Scotland's pre-eminent singer-songwriter and a national musical treasure” who has developed a unique blend of lyrical, 'roots based' songwriting and instrumental composition. Internationally renowned for his song 'Caledonia', music for 'Last of the Mohicans'. Recently received two prestigious Tartan Clef Awards, a place in the Scottish Music Hall of Fame and an OBE in the New Year Honours list! Dougie has recently release a new album 'Resolution'. We were honored to have Dougie on FVIR!

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