STEPHANY SEAY - Buffalo Field Campaign in Montana. The wild bison of the Yellowstone region are America’s last continuously wild population. During 2007-2008 more than 1,300 wild bison were captured in Yellowstone National Park and shipped to slaughter. Nearly 3,800 wild bison have been eliminated from America’s last wild population since 2000. Bison once spanned the North American continent, but today, fewer than 3900 wild bison exist, confined to the man-made boundaries of Yellowstone National Park and consequently are ecologically extinct throughout their native range. “In fact, if protected, wild bison would enhance the ecological, economical and cultural health of the state, the nation, and Native American buffalo cultures.” OFELIA RIVAS – T’ohono Odom comments on the relationship “ethnic cleansing” Arizona state HB2281 as part of the bigger picture to rid the U.S and the State of Arizona of its “brown and red people”. RICHARD MARTINEZ– Attorney for A few days after signing Arizona Senate Bill 1070, Arizona governor, Jan Brewer signed HB 2281. Republican legislators have introduced and passed legislation that threatens to bring about the demise of all ethnic studies programs throughout states public high schools. Arizona legislators have been adding one layer after another to criminalize immigrants and eliminating programs that teach students to think critically and become stakeholders in their communities is part of their larger plan. HB 2281 intends to push out “out-of-compliance” ethnic studies programs and under vague interpretations that label their educational content as “promoting resentment toward a class of people,” and “promoting the overthrow of the U.S. government.” As ridiculous as these claims seem, state legislators have designed HB 2281 to strip elected local school boards of their governing and decision-making powers.

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