*FVIR will broadcast at a new time 9AM beginning Nov. 18th ZUBEN ORNELAS www.realityhouse.org OR www.AICH.org Crossing Generations an event HONORING OUR WARRIORS (VETERANS), sponsored by the American Indian Community House and Reality House, Inc., in association with Intertribal Healing Circle, has been scheduled for Wednesday, November 10, 2010 from 3pm to 7pm @ the American Indian Community House located at 11 Broadway, 2nd Floor, New York. CANUNPA GLUHA MANI www.lakotaoyate.net Discusses the fate of many Lakota children on the Pine Ridge Reservation being fostered and adopted out of their culture into a non-traditional values, at an alarming rate. MARK CAMP www.cs.org of Cultural Survival . In Guatemala, community radio is the best tool to provide rural, Indigenous Guatemalans with the news and information that they need. Despite promises made in the Guatemalan Constitution and the Peace Accords, the telecommunications law does not allow licenses for nonprofit community radio. Only mainstream commercial radio and government-run radio are allowed. The country's 205 community radio stations, which broadcast locally in Spanish and Mayan languages, provide a crucial venue for educational programs, local and national news, preventative health care, and emergency relief.

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