This Week's Program: Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Dahoud Andre and Miriam Neptune Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees - speak regarding the relief efforts being denied by the U.S militarization in Haiti. Joseph Brings Plenty- Cheyenne River (Lakota) Sioux Tribe- Chairman on the declared "disaster area" by the Governor Rounds of South Dakota - during the third of major ice and snowstorms that has devastated the CRSTs since early Dec. 2009. The noticeable effect of an "emergency" would be relief efforts by the Red Cross or Federal Emergency Management Agency, until this date 1-28-10 "FEMA has not shown up on Cheyenne River and what Red Cross aid there is for Natives on this reservation is sparse at best". The National Guard is assisting with restoring power and water resources but with 10-21 days. Meanwhile, subzero temperatures, no water, no gasoline, no stores or businesses, no schools and no power keep services inadequate for most of the members on and near the Cheyenne River and Standing Rock Sioux Reservations. For help and information, call the CRST Emergency Coordination Center at (605) 964-7711 (or -7712)