SANTI HITORANGI Armed Chilean Police forcibly removed the unarmed Rapanui Hito family in the middle of the night from the Hanga Roa Hotel. The Hito family are being charged with criminal trespass and terrorism. They are in imminent danger of being taken from the island to prisons in mainland Chile. Under Chilean law it is illegal for a non-Rapanui to own land on the island. The Chilean corporation, the Hotelera InterAmericana, illegally sold the Hangaroa Hotel by the Chilean government The new (old) Chilean government is the same party as the late dictator Pinochet. LEN FOSTER (Dine') Spiritual Advisor and Director of the Navajo Nations Corrections Project discusses a joint report for the UN Periodic Review from the US Human Rights Network has been released. Unlike the US State Department's watered-down version of the testimony presented at the Listening Conferences, this 423-page document covers American Indian treaties and specific concerns expressed by Native Americans. EMAIL:

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