Emily Schiffer, Dana Dupris, Carlys High Bear, Demi Beautiful Bald Eagle, Wynema Dupris, Karlisle High Bear, Samantha High Bear, Jessie Carlson www.myviewpoint.org MyViewpointPhotography@gmail.com My Viewpoint is a youth photography initiative on the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota. Students (aged 6-20) learn both darkroom and digital techniques. Their images have been published in several magazines including PDN, South Dakota Magazine, and Smithsonian Magazine Online (upcoming). For two weeks in July five committed teenage photographers and three adults will travel from South Dakota to New York to begin the design of a national group exhibition. The purpose of this trip is to explore the ways in which the youth want to exhibit My Viewpoint’s work, and to begin the curation process. The youth will also be photographing New York City, and printing their images at ICP’s facilities.

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