Canunpa Gluha Mani In 1905, President Theodore Roosevelt signed an executive order that removed the Nebraska land from the reservation; the legality of this order has been disputed. Ever since, Whiteclay has been notable primarily for the vast quantities of alcohol sold to residents of the legally dry Pine Ridge reservation. The status of Whiteclay's beer stores became a volatile political issue in the late 1990s, as a pair of unsolved murders in 1999 led to a series of marches and rallies led by various activist groups (including the American Indian Movement (AIM) and Nebraskans for Peace) demanding that the state of Nebraska revoke the area's liquor licenses and increase law enforcement in the area.

Brenda Dardar-Robichaux The Houma Indian Nation of Louisiana’s coastline prepare for the worst as the eco-destruction as the Gulf oil crisis continues to affect living conditions. The man-made disaster that has pumped millions of gallons of toxic crude into the Gulf of Mexico is nothing like a hurricane. It’s far worse.

Paul Stamets The BP oil spill has inflicted enormous harm in the Gulf of Mexico and will continue to do so for decades, to come. Although estimates have been that BP could be liable for more than 14 billion dollars in clean up damages, very few in the media have mentioned the long-term, generational consequences of this oil spill. We must now deal with the after effects. One solution is mycoremediation, the process of using fungi to return a contaminated eco-system to a less contaminated land.

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