This Week's Program: Thursday, April 6, 2006

Mohawk Nation Clashes With Canadian Authorities; Lakota Elders Share Wisdom on Issues From Global Warming to Abortion

Mohawks Continue Peaceful Takeover to Halt Non-Indigenous Development on Tribal Land

We speak with Hazel Hill, an Onkwehonweh at Grand River community, currently in a jurisdictional dispute with the Canadian government. There is an effort by non-Indigenous people to build 300 houses on Onkwehonweh territory. Elder Iroquois women and other Indigenous peoples from various nations have stopped the development by staging protests and negotiating with the developers. Their struggle to preserve the land continues.

Hazel Hill, can be contacted at

Lakota Elders Willard and Darlene Pipeboy Share Wisdom

Willard and Darlene Pipeboy speak about a range of issues, from Global Warming, to Immigration and Abortion. They are from South Dakota.