This Week's Program: Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Western Shoshone Condemn U.S. Nuclear Simulation Plans on Tribal Lands; Biker Bar Threatens to Desecrate Bear Butte

Charon Asetoyer: Candidate for the South Dakota State Senate!

Charon Asetoyer (Comanche) is the Executive Director of the Native Women's Health Education Resource Center, a grassroots women's health institute on the Yankton Nakota Reservation in South Dakota. She recently announced her candidacy for the SD state senate! She is determined to fight for women's access to reproductive health care in direct opposition to the state's recent almost-total ban on abortion.

If you would like to support her campaign, you can mail a donation to: Campaign for Change/Asetoyer P.O. Box 472 Lake Andes, SD 57356

Western Shoshone Say Military Testing Violates Sovereignty

The U.S. Defense Department plans to detonate 700 tons of explosives on Western Shoshone land at the Nevada Test site this June. The detonation has been named the "Divine Strake." A groups of scientists has criticized the plan, saying the test is intended to simulate a nuclear blast as part of Pentagon research into the development of low-yield nuclear weapons. Native Americans in the Nevada region are protesting the plans for a number of reasons, including on spiritual, philosophical and legal grounds. Raymond Yowell, Chief of the Western Shoshone National Council, said: "We're opposed to any further military testing on Shoshone lands. This is a direct violation of the CERD finding and an affront to our religious belief - Mother Earth is sacred and should not be harmed. All people who are opposed to these actions by the U.S. should step forward and make their opposition known." The CERD finding refers to a decision recently by the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD). It urged the U.S. to stop actions being taken against the Western Shoshone peoples of the Western Shoshone nation.

Raymond Yowell, chief of the Western Shoshone National Council

Julie Fishel, Western Shoshone Defense Project

Tribal Coalition Gains Momentum, Calls For Support to Block Biker Bar from Desecrating Sacred Land

A beer license was recently approved for a biker complex that business owners hope to profit from during an annual rally in nearby Sturgis. The bar would be about 2 1/2 miles from the base of Bear Butte, a place where Native Americans go to pray, fast, and meditate. Native Americans have been strongly opposed, and we speak with one activist there.

Carter Camp, with the grass-roots organization Defend Bear Butte!