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In this retreat we will bear witness to the genocide of the American Indians beginning in the 16th century, the injustice and abuse that continue to this day, and the thievery and exploitation of their land. First nations around the world have lost their lands, languages, and ways of life at the hands of American and European colonialists pursuing an agenda of domination, genocide, theft, and the elimination of indigenous cultures and identities. Entire nations have vanished. This catastrophe is not just theirs; it belongs to all humans, and to the earth itself, for it has been succeeded by the calamitous loss of animals and plants, and the specter of global warming. What does it say about us and our separation from this earth? What does it say about our relationship not just to biodiversity, but to human diversity? What does it say about our cultural assumptions of superiority and how they continue to underlie our historical narratives? It is time to bear witness to our systems of thought and values, and to their actions and results that persist to this very day. Image removed.

WENDSLER TSOSIE Contact: (928)475-6751 or (928)475-2931

"We remember those who sacrificed and defended our people-we recognize our great leaders and their respect for those who know freedom. We must guide our people to, once again, hold our destiny in our own hands, so I challenge each of us to overcome the oppression and begin the process of believeing in ourselves. This must be the first step..."Usen, we ask for your blessing to guide our current and future leadership so that our children and the unborn will inherit our Apache Way of Life.... Wendsler Nosie

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Rumours of Glory - Bruce Cockburn

Moon Rock - Tiokasin/Alexander

Word of Fire, Deeds of Blood - Robbie Robertson and the Red Road Ensemble

Mother - Roy Finch (Follow Me Home)