This Week's Program: Thursday, November 7, 2013



WINONA LADUKE is an internationally renowned activist working on issues of sustainable development, renewable energy and food systems. She lives and works on the White Earth reservation in northern Minnesota. As Program Director of Honor the Earth, she works nationally and internationally on the issues of climate change, renewable energy, and environmental justice with Indigenous communities. In her own community, she is the founder of the White Earth Land Recovery Project, where she works to protect Indigenous plants and heritage foods from patenting and genetic engineering. A graduate of Harvard and Antioch Universities, LaDuke has written extensively on Native American and environmental issues. She is the author of five books, including Recovering the Sacred, All our Relations and a novel, Last Standing Woman

"You Have to Fight"

Winona LaDuke (Anishinaabe) has devoted her life to protecting the lands of Native communities. LaDuke is the founder and Co-Director of Honor the Earth and the White Earth Land Recovery Project. She is a leader on the issues of culturally-based sustainable development strategies, renewable energy and food systems.

For the week of November 7 -14, 2013

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Shop - Left On Red
Healing Song 12 - Primeaux, Mike and Attson
Dots on Shells - Yothu Yindi
Ne Puanum – Kashtin
Look At Me - Ghosthorse