ANTI HITORANGI www.saverapanui New Evictions By Chilean Forces Of Rapanui The Chilean government is now moving to evict all Rapanui from their lands in a move to grab and privatize the Moai.

NICKOLAS KOZLOFF Wikileaks: FBI Now Keeping Tabs on Native Americans --- in South America?

CANUNPA GLUHA MANI of the Strong Heart Warrior Society ( 605) 517-1547 a show-down with Tribal Police when thirteen traditional Grandmothers were arrested for "inciting a riot" on the Pine Ridge Lakota Reservation following a threatened take-over to protest the lack recognition of illegal activities, such alcohol sales and drug dealing – by the Tribal Government. The Grandmothers were released without charges.

RAY TRICOMO Introduces us to eco-centric and indigenous-centric ideas of the coming trials and preparation in thinking processes. He calls it a Turtle Island land and education multiversity located in Minnesota.

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