This Week's Program: Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Today First Voices Indigenous Radio will be featuring a new segment with Niijii Radio and WINONA LADUKE(Anishinabe) - HONOR THE EARTH (

Winona LaDuke's Albitoose radio program (meaning Wednesday in the Anishinabe language), and KKWE 89.9 FM, in Callaway, Minnesota. With Winona's permission we will be featuring segments regarding Mother Earth's voice and Indigenous peoples voices across Turtle Island where the equation of inclusion often is not heard. Winona LaDuke is an enrolled member of the White Earth Anishinabe Reservation in Northern Minnesota and the Founder of White Earth Land Recovery Project and Honor the Earth. She currently serves as the Executive Director of both organizations.

LaDuke visits first here with LYNETTE TWO BULLS at the horse pasture in White Earth, near Strawberry Lake. Lynette is a Lakota visiting today from Northern Cheyenne, where she works with her husband Philip Whiteman, Jr. to help people understand the medicine wheel model. Lynette explains the medicine wheel, spirit, and Creator live in the right brain. We are indoctrinated from a young age in modern society to be linear, left-brain dominant thinkers. Lynette also talks about the Ft. Robinson run helping the Northern Cheyenne people to heal from historic trauma of the Ft. Robinson massacre and teach the youth traditional ways.

OREN LYONS Onondaga He was born in 1930 and raised in the culture and practices of the Iroquois on the Seneca and Onondaga reservations in Upstate New York. He is a member of the Onondaga and Seneca nations of the Six Nations Confederacy or the Haudenausaunee. As an activist for indigenous and environmental justice, Oren works with communities across the globe. As a Faithkeeper, he upholds the history and traditions of the Turtle Clan of the Onondaga and Seneca. Oren often addresses modern-day conflicts by sharing traditional views on the law of nature.

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Sundance-Leonard Peltier's Words