DOUG GEORGE-KANENTIIO is an Akwesasne Mohawk. He is the co-founder of the Native American Journalists Association and author of "Iroquois On Fire".

( From article "Oneida Nation violates Iroquois laws"

"The Oneida Nation of New York did not exist until 1993, the Seneca Nation of Indians was created in 1848 and the St. Regis Tribe was formed by an act of the New York State Lesgislature in 1892. None govern according to the Great Law of Peace nor do any of the three have the requisite chiefs, clanmothers, faithkeepers or spiritual customs which define a Haudenosaunee council."

"Nonetheless the terrible deal entered into between the Oneida Nation "representative" [Ray Halbritter] on May 16 brings great harm to our people. It was negotiated in secrecy without the knowledge or consent of the Oneida people just as this self appointed "representative" did with Governor Mario Cuomo in 1993. It ceded all of the homelands [26 million acres] of the Oneidas except for a highly conditional acreage which the representative placed into "trust" which means the US and not the Oneidas own their land. It brings taxation to the Oneidas, a fatal compromise in their aboriginal sovereignty. It imposed New York State administrative and policing authority upon a people who have long opposed such policies as contradictory to their rights to exclusive jurisdiction. It concedes the Oneida's "sovereign immunity" from any judicial claim. It makes a mockery to any argument of legal distinction. And it will destroy the other Haudenosaunee if it is allowed to pass."

GONZALO MERCADO( is the Executive Director of El Centro del Inmigrante (The Immigrant Center). "El Centro" is a community based organization in Port Richmond, Staten Island working to provide for the economic advancement and well being of immigrant workers through community organizing, education, advocacy, service provision and cultural activities as well as building bridges with receiving communities.

Port Richmond is an area in Staten Island in New York City in New York State in the North Eastern United States which has borders - it was recently the site of a terrifying hate crime. An unidentified white man drove his pickup truck into three different Mexican business. He was yelling anti-immigrant slurs, menacing stunned immigrants who were watching him and driving at high speed. He repeatedly drove his oversized red pickup truck into the security gates of the three stores. At one store he got out of his pickup truck and repeatedly hammered the security gate with a large metal item, all the while screaming and cursing

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