This Week's Program: Wednesday, September 26, 2012


STORY ONE: SOURCE: INTERNATIONAL PRESS SERVICE ( IN NORTH AMERICA - U.N. Report Chastises U.S. for Status of Native Population By Carey L. Biron

WASHINGTON, Sep 20 2012 (IPS) - A top United Nations official has presented the first ever international investigation into the situation of indigenous peoples in the United States, urging the adoption of new policies and mechanisms to "address persistent deep-seeded problems related to historical wrongs, failed policies of the past and continuing systemic barriers".

Based on research in the United States this past spring, James Anaya, the U.N.'s special rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, presented his final report to the U.N. Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva on Tuesday. The process marks the first time that the United States has allowed an external body to formally investigate and comment on the situation of its indigenous communities, a notably sensitive issue. Speaking before the council, Anaya stated that indigenous communities in the United States (also referred to as American Indians) continue to "face significant challenges that are related to widespread historical wrongs, including broken treaties and acts of oppression, and misguided government policies, that today manifest themselves in various indicators of disadvantage and impediments to the exercise of their individual and collective rights."

STORY TWO: SOURCE: International Press Service ( IN AFRICA - On Sunday, Sep. 9, 38 people were killed in revenge attacks in the Tana River Delta district of Kenya's Coast province. The deceased include eight children, five women, 16 men, and nine police officers.

The incident occurred as the government announced it would conduct a disarmament exercise in the Tana River Delta following clashes over water and pasture that have left more than 80 people dead.

Coast province police boss Aggrey Adoli told IPS that about 500 raiders from the Pokomo ethnic group attacked the Kilelengwani village, in Tana River Delta, and torched a police camp and several other structures at dawn. On Monday, Sep. 10 the area was inaccessible and police officers were flown in by helicopter to quell the violence.