Prof. EVAN PRITCHARD- - He is the author of Native New Yorkers, The Legacy of the Algonquin People of New York. He is also the author of the widely praised No Word For Time, the Way of the Algonquin People, and many other books, including an Algonkian language series. He discusses the area of Manhattan, NY before Columbus, before Henry Hudson and the idea of "occupation"; the history not often given or heard either in mainstream or altenative/progressive media.

CHASE IRON EYES (Lakota) - Updates the listeners on the more than 1,940 acres of land in the Black Hills considered sacred to the Great Sioux Nation appear to be heading back to the ownership of the tribes after almost 140 years in private hands. The legal aspects of 9 participating 'tribes' in assisting the return of Pe S'la - one of the nations sacred sites in the Blacks Hills of South Dakota. The Lakota, Dakota and Nakota people know that the land is the sacred home to their creation story and essential to their culture and beliefs because of the role it plays in the Star Knowledge of their people.

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