MARIO MURILLO Guest Host's FVIR - In Cauca, Colombia, the war against indigenous people continues to escalate as the Nasa communities resist armed actors from all camps. On Sunday, a spiritual leader, or The Wala, was assassinated in his home in the municipality of Caloto.Segment #1: Context of the Current Crisis of Indigenous Resistance Across the Americas

Manuel Rozental, physician, activist, founding member of the Tejido de Comunicación or communication network of the Association of Indigenous Councils of Northern Cauca, ACIN, in Colombia. Coordinator of the grassroots effort Pueblos en Camino.

Nicole Karsin, filmmaker and director of the feature documentary We Women Warriors and Flor Ilva Trochez, A Nasa indigenous leader from Cauca, Colombia and former governor of Jambaló, indigenous territory currently under siege by the Colombian Armed Forces. She is one of three indigenous women featured in the documentary by Nicole Karsin, currently showing at the IFC Docuweeks series sponsored by the International Documentary Association.

Leila Salazar-López- Amazon Watch Program Director ( Belo Monte Dam Resistance

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