ANDREW MILLER ( We discuss the current situation in Brazil regarding the Belo Monte "super" dam currently under construction. Various Native peoples who face extinction and other problems such as no more river(s) to maintain their once flourshing lands and peoples. This protest is specifically calling attention to the failure on the part of the dam building consortium to address the grave impacts to the lives and livelihoods of the region's indigenous inhabitants. These – already being felt just from early stages of dam construction – stem from the diversion of the majority of the flow of the Xingu River away from the 62-mile stretch known as the Big Bend. Among the concerns cited by the indigenous leaders are their inability to use the river for travel thereby isolated without access; serious decline in fish stocks, their main source of protein; decline in water quality which is used for drinking and bathing; health impacts from anticipated rise in malaria and dengue fever, among others. On Monday, a local judge rejected an eviction order request from NESA (the dam building consortium) for the police to forcibly remove the occupiers. The judge ruled that the indigenous communities' grievances were legitimate and that the government and companies needed to negotiate with them and address their concerns. Tomorrow, officials from the Brazilian government agency FUNAI and Electronorte (State-owned power company and the main stakeholder in the dam) are scheduled to travel to the occupation to dialogue with the communities.

MAHINA MOVEMENT ( Live in-studio guests Mahina Movement is the phenomenal 3 women trio who combine poetry and song to create passionate music tied to flesh and bone, straight from the heart. Mahina Movement’s extraordinary melodies tell stories of the personal and political wrapped with courage, strength and awareness of human struggle and connection. 3 voices and one guitar blend into a powerful force, mixing folk, rock and rhymes in English, Spanish, and Tongan simmered with indigenous roots and culture. They will be going on their SOULJOURNEY TRUTH TOUR to Europe: Dublin, London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Florence Rome and other places in the world!!!! PERFORMING at TWO MOONS ART HOUSE - 315 4th Avenue Brooklyn at Two Moon Art House & Cafe / 7pm FRIDAY JUNE 29th!

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