This Week's Program: Wednesday, March 21, 2012


SKYWAVES: Indigenous News Worldwide

Story One: Botswana, Africa: Bushmen Make A Splash On World Water Day - For the first time in ten years, Botswana's Bushmen are celebrating World Water Day as they enjoy unobstructed access to the life-giving substance.

Story Two:Canada, North America - First Nations from Alberta and the Northwest Territories gathered in Edmonton, where the National Energy Board review panel investigating the environmental impacts of the proposed project Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines has been holding the latest of a series of controversial public hearings.

Story Three: Ecuador, South America -March 8, 2012 - International Woman's Day - marked the beginning of the two-week march for "Water, Life, and Dignity of Indigenous Peoples" in Ecuador. Led by the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE), the trip will take protesters 435 miles to Ecuador's capital, Quito. The route includes a number of places emblematic in the anti-mining struggle, and protesters have managed to gather support from various sectors of society.

First Voices Indigenous Radio (FVIR) in partnership with First Peoples Worldwide (FPW), a globally renowned Indigenous grant making organization, will be broadcasting a weekly 7-minute news feature SKYWAVES: Indigenous News Worldwide - nationally and internationally. Beginning Thursday March 22, 2012 and for syndication wherever possible in radio broadcast media including the 150 Pacifica Affliates. Email:

Based in the world's communication capital of NYC, SKYWAVES will offer an important, unique service: to bridge the experiences and concerns of Native peoples in the US and North America with Indigenous peoples worldwide for the purpose of creating a deeper grassroots community.

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