FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE HOLY MAN: THE USA vs. DOUGLAS WHITE www.holymanfilm.com A Feature Documentary Film Narrated By Martin Sheen HOLY MAN: THE USA vs. DOUGLAS WHITE will be having its theatrical release in Los Angeles and NEW YORK as part of the International Documentary Association’s DocuWeeks line-up for Academy Award qualifying theatrical screenings. The film screens at the IFC Center, in New York City, August 10-16 and Laemmle NoHo 7, in North Hollywood, August 17-23. HOLY MAN, created by award-winning team Jennifer Jessum and Simon J. Joseph, Ph.D., tells the story of Douglas White, an 89 year old Lakota Sioux medicine man from Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, who spent 17 years in federal prison for a crime he did not commit. During the making of this film, filmmakers uncovered new evidence of White’s innocence, obtained an on-screen confession, and brought the case back to federal court. HOLY MAN offers a rare glimpse into the mysterious world of Lakota religion, their intimate connection to the land, and a provocative expose of the systemic injustice that Native Americans face in the criminal justice system. HOLY MAN is narrated by Martin Sheen and features Russell Means, Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Arvol Looking Horse, and many other Lakota elders and leaders. The film, 5 years in the making, is a result of the filmmakers’ 20+ years of experience on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. HOLY MAN had its world premiere at the Boston Film Festival in 2011, won Best Documentary Feature and Best Director at the Red Nation Film Festival and Best Film and Best Cinematography at the Native American Film Festival of the Southeast. HOLY MAN recently had its European premiere at the Madeira Film Festival in Portugal. Show times and ticketing: http://www.documentary.org/docuweeks2012 For more information or to schedule an interview with the filmmakers, contact Jennifer Jessum (212) 477-7088 / flyinglimbs@earthlink.net. www.holymanfilm.com FLYING LIMBS INC., PRODUCTIONS HOLY MAN: THE USA vs. DOUGLAS WHITE DocuWeeks Screening Schedules NYC and LA To Purchase Tickets: http://www.documentary.org/docuweeks2012 NEW YORK SCREENINGS AUGUST 10-16 IFC Center 323 Sixth Avenue at West 3rd St. NYC (212) 924-7771 FRI 8/10
 - 1:45 pm, 7:25 pm SAT 8/11
 - 12:05 pm, 5:15 pm SUN 8/12 - 3:30 pm, 9:40 pm MON 8/13
 - 1:45 pm, 7:25 pm TUE 8/14
 - 3:30 pm, 9:40 pm WED 8/15
 - 12:05 pm, 5:15 pm THU 8/16
 - 3:30 pm, 9:40 pm
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012 - 20:00